Client Not Guilty of Boating While Intoxicated

The New Hampshire Marine Patrol files charges against Client in the 4th Circuit District Division Laconia Court: Boating While Intoxicated, and Improper Lighting, on Lake Winnepesaukee. This is a serious case because the penalties for BWI are the same as the penalties for driving while intoxicated. Indeed, because Client refused a breath test after being arrested for BWI, the NH Dept of Safety suspended his driver’s license for 180 days. Client hires New Hampshire Boating while Intoxicated defense lawyer Theodore Lothstein, and takes the case to trial. After a full trial, the Judge finds Client NOT GUILTY of Boating While Intoxicated. The Judge finds Client guilty only of the boating infraction, Improper Lighting, and orders an $80 fine. Thus, Client’s case concludes with no criminal record, no DWI conviction, no further loss of license, and no costly alcohol education classes.