DWI Charge Reduced to Plea to Reckless Operation

Attorney Lothstein represented Client in the Lebanon Circuit Court. The Lebanon Police had charged client with DWI, after he blew a breath test substantially over the legal limit. Attorney Lothstein secured a plea to Reckless Operation and also reached agreement that, after 4 months of license suspension, the State would withdraw the 6 month ALS suspension for blowing over the legal limit. This plea agreement saved Client from having a criminal record, saved him from having a DWI on his record for 10 years, saved him from having to participate in the onerous and costly Impaired Driver Care Management Program, and shortened his license suspension. Further, because Client’s home state of Connecticut does not reciprocate these types of license suspensions (but does reciprocate a DWI suspension), he will have no license suspension in his home State! Attorney Lothstein is licensed to practice in Connecticut and New York, maintains many contacts in these States, and this helps him serve these out-of-state clients.