Successful "Rising BAC" Defense Leads to Not Guilty Verdict on DWI Charge

In the 6th Circuit - District Division - Hillsborough Court, Hillsborough, NH Police charge Client with DWI, and introduce evidence at trial of a .11 blood level, approximately two hours after the motor vehicle stop. Attorney Lothstein presents a“rising BAC” defense at trial. It’s a scientific fact that the metabolization of alcohol by the body can take as long as two plus hours after finishing the last drink, so a person may be at a much lower level when driving, as compared to when the police draw a blood sample. The Court holds that the State did not prove impairment at the time of driving beyond a reasonable doubt, and finds Client not guilty! Previously, we prevailed on the ALS so with a .11 blood test, Client receives NO license suspension at all, no fine, no mandated programs, no conviction.

This outcome, and many others described on this page, are not typical for a person who has an incriminating blood alcohol test or other compelling evidence for the prosecution. The many cases described on this page show, however, that great outcomes can occur, even in difficult cases, when you retain an experienced, skilled and battle-tested DWI defense attorney.