» War on Drugs Winds Down

Landmark Racial Profiling Decision from MA Supreme Judicial Court

Yesterday, September 17, 2020, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (highest court in MA) released a landmark decision that enables victims of racial profiling to hold police officers accountable in court by suppressing evidence obtained as a res… Read More
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Marijuana Decriminalization- Saving Taxpayer $$, Better Government

The NHPR Story According to this news story from New Hampshire Public Radio, marijuana decriminalization has helped the State Forensic Laboratory massively cut its backlog on testing of seized substances from controlled drug arrests. That is good new… Read More
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NH Marijuana Decriminalization - Almost Here!

After many years of unsuccessful efforts by NH legislators who are Democrats, Republicans and Independents… the NH House and Senate have finally passed a marijuana possession decriminalization Bill that is now awaiting the Governor’s sign… Read More
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Manch Police Target Pot Smokers for Mass Detention

The Manchester Police have announced that a “sobriety checkpoint” will occur somewhere in the vicinity of the city on Thursday, April 20. Bring weed to Manch to celebrate 4/20 day, plan on losing your driver’s license for 60 days. O… Read More
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NH Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Finally Open

Today, WMUR News reported that NH’s third medical marijuana dispensary, “Temescal Wellness”, opened on Sunday, May 15 in Lebanon, NH and provided medical marijuana to about 20 patients that day. According to the NH Department of Hea… Read More
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Victim of Over-Militarized Police Strikes Back

The Tragic Death of an Innocent Man Eurie A. Stamps was an innocent, 68-year old man living in a Framingham, Massachusetts home also occupied by suspected drug dealers. On January 5, 2011, he was in his pajamas, watching a basketball game on TV. A SW… Read More
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Winning Strategies Seminar - and Drug War Reform

On January 28-30, Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero flew out to San Antonio, Texas for a three-day federal criminal defense continuing legal education course entitled “Winning Strategies Seminar” and presented by the Administrative Offi… Read More
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NHSCt Affirms Creative Weapon for War on Drugs

Felony Drug Conviction for Landlord of Drug Dealer Can a homeowner be convicted of a drug felony, for allowing a tenant to sell drugs on the property, where the homeowner never possessed drugs, had no control over the drugs, and had no involvement in… Read More
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First Circuit Orders Sentence Reduction

Court Orders Sentence Reduction underAmendment 782 Effective November 1, 2014, Amendment 782 to the United States Sentencing Guidelines, the so-called “Drugs Minus Two Amendment” reduced the guidelines for all federal drug offenses by two… Read More
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US Supreme Court Says No to Suspicionless Detentions

In an important decision today, a 6-3 majority of the United States Supreme Court held that a police officer must release a motorist after the officer has resolved the underlying purpose of the motor vehicle stop. Rodriguez v. United States (US Supre… Read More
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