"It's time to end the failed war on drugs"

It's been quite a month for drug policy reform advocates... brightening the hopes of recreational marijuana users seeking wider mainstream social acceptance.


First, Colorado legalizes recreational marijuana sold openly at retail, and the NH House of Representatives votes to legalize recreational marijuana...

President Weighs In

then President Obama states that "marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol," an "astounding[]" position according to this writer at the Huffington Post, leading to serious coverage under humorous headlines like NPR's "Obama's Marijuana Remarks Light Up Legalization Debate"...

Governor Christie's Speech

and then we see a Republican governor, telling a national audience that its "time to end the failed war on drugs," a speech "being applauded by drug policy reform advocates" according to the Drug Policy Alliance's drug policy.org.

Governor Hassan

Meanwhile, we see Governor Hassan vowing to veto the legalization of recreational marijuana, saying it will "send the wrong message."

What message? After a 40 year long failed "war on drugs," marijuana use by NH children and teenagers is at an all-time high (1 in 10 teenagers) and more than a quarter of NH's 18-25 years olds smoke marijuana, the fifth highest in the country.

So, the current message is that the State brands more than a quarter of its youngest generation - the future of our State - as criminals - over a drug that is less dangerous than alcohol, which the State of NH sells in open air markets at highway rest stops. Is that message working for New Hampshire?

It's time to move forward.

Governor Hassan has proven herself to be a strong leader who is able to bring together people from both parties to get things done, but also an open minded leader who listens to the people of NH. Governor Hassan, this is not an issue like broad-based taxes where you made a pledge, and this is not an issue where there is a partisan divide. The roll call shows that many members of both parties supported this bill. One Republican supporter from Derry spoke passionately about his own 17 year old son getting expelled from school and charged with a felony for selling a pot brownie, saying "I'm ashamed to say that we are guilty of harming and ruining people's lives far beyond the effects of the drug."

So, call your state rep (here's the Roll Call), and call or write Governor Hassan, and tell them: It's time to stop harming and ruining people's lives.