Manch Police Target Pot Smokers for Mass Detention

The Manchester Police have announced that a "sobriety checkpoint" will occur somewhere in the vicinity of the city on Thursday, April 20. Bring weed to Manch to celebrate 4/20 day, plan on losing your driver's license for 60 days.

Operation: Arrest Pot Smokers

This is an obvious attempt to target pot smokers since "420" is a significant number in the marijuana culture (I was going to say "subculture") but with marijuana legal in States that represent 40% of the American population, it ain't a "subculture" anymore!)

In a DWI Checkpoint, the police stop hundreds of cars according to a protocol, without any probable cause or reasonable suspicion that the driver is impaired or otherwise violating the law. You can bet that if they see so much as a bag of Doritos in the car, the driver will be in for an extensive course of sobriety testing that will inevitably lead to arrest and prosecution for DWI. And even if driver is sober, if they smell weed they will find a way to search the car - transporting even a tiny amount of marijuana in a vehicle is a mandatory 60 day loss of driver's license in NH.

This is an absolute joke. Manchester has been ravaged by opiate abuse, which unlike marijuana, destroys people's lives and has killed hundreds of NH residents every year. And this is how they allocate police resources?

Leave Them Disappointed - Don't Smoke and Drive

Don't let them round up pot smokers for mass detention and arrests! Use a designated driver, taxi or Uber when you smoke weed on April 20 in the Manchester area, and don't transport any weed in a car.

And educate yourself by reading more about the constitutional law governing DWI Checkpoints here.