BakerHostetler Partner Turns His Back on Justice

OK, that's not exactly what the BakerHostetler partner allegedly did during a deposition. But I choose not to print it here. Let's just say that when the firm assigns lawyers to conduct depositions in the future, this lawyer may be bringing up the rear. Around the water coolers and in the basement copy room, I'm sure he will be the butt of many jokes.

Return of the Worst Lawyer Soundbites

This story inspired me to shake my pony-tail-feathers into action and bring back the "Worst Lawyer Soundbites" memes after several years. I was sure that it had come to an end. But its all in good fun and this story may yet see a happy ending: If this lawyer's unusual antics gets him in trouble with the judge, I'm sure the firm will have his back.

  • Ted