Ted Lothstein in NH Bar News

The January issue of the New Hampshire Bar News, the monthly newspaper published by the New Hampshire Bar Association and distributed to all lawyers in New Hampshire, featured an article authored by Ted Lothstein entitled "Landmark Decision Alters Tactical Landscape for Prosecutors." In this article, criminal defense and appeals attorney Ted Lothstein discusses a landmark decision from 2014, State v. Locke (adopting the mandatory joinder rule for criminal cases), and how it impacted his litigation in another pending appeal, State v. Glenn.

Attorney Lothstein briefed and argued the Glenn case, which resulted in the Court's decision to vacate five felony convictions, reducing Glenn's sentence by 10 years.

You can read the online version of the Bar News article here.

You can see the print version of the Bar News article here: Bar News Article re Locke and Glenn.

You can read more about the Glenn appeal here. (When you see a list of crimes, click on "Attempted Armed Robbery").