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Lothstein Guerriero handles all levels of criminal defense, including:

New Hampshire criminal defense attorneys Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have more than 50 years of experience defending clients in criminal cases in all levels of the court system, from New Hampshire's District Courts, all the way up to the United States Supreme Court.

We regularly appear in District Courts throughout the State to defend misdemeanor criminal cases, DWI cases, and other motor vehicle offenses.

We have tried jury trials in most of the Superior Courts in this State, and in the United States District Court. We have won jury trials in many of NH's Superior Courts. We have successfully defended dozens of criminal appeals in the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and we have argued criminal cases in the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston and the United States Supreme Court.

We are admitted as defense attorneys in all NH courts:

  • NH Circuit / District Courts (these courts handle most misdemeanors)
  • NH Superior Courts for all counties (these courts handle most felonies as well as misdemeanor appeals)
  • NH Supreme Court (appeals of NH criminal cases)
  • United States District Court for NH (all NH federal crimes cases)
  • United States Court of Appeal for the First Circuit (appeals of NH federal criminal cases)
  • United States Supreme Court (discretionary review of both state and federal criminal cases)

Attorney Lothstein is also admitted to practice in Connecticut and New York. That means we can advise CT and NY citizens about collateral effects in their home state of a criminal charge in NH.

We are members of the following organizations and groups:

We have trained hundreds of lawyers in seminars sponsored by the following organizations:

  • NH Bar Association
  • NH Association Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • NH Public Defender
  • Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)
  • The National Defender Training Institute

Featured Victories

10/12/2018: In our most recent and perhaps our greatest victory, we won an appeal granting a new trial to a beloved and esteemed therapist wrongfully accused of sexual assault by a client. On October 12, 2018, the New Hampshire Supreme Court upheld a critical victory we had already won in the Superior Court - a victory that freed a therapist from prison who had been wrongfully accused of sexual assault by a client, and cleared his name. The Court held that the Superior Court was right to vacate the jury verdicts and sentences, and grant a new trial, for the therapist because juror bias infected the proceedings, resulting in an unfair trial. On October 17, 2018, the Merrimack County Attorney's Office issued a press release, announcing the State would not bring the case to trial again. Instead, the State dismissed the charges. Read More about Dr. Afshar's Case Read More
Concord District Court. On the morning of trial where Client faces domestic assault charge, prosecutor offers a “continued without a finding” disposition. Assuming Client satisfies certain rehabilitative conditions, Client will haveno conviction, will have no criminal record, and will avoid federal lifetime ban on gun ownership for domestic assault convictions. Read More
Newport District Court. Attorney Ted Lothstein convinces Merrimack County Attorney’s Office and State Police to dismiss felony witness tampering and misdemeanor domestic assault charges against Client. At the outset of the case, the complainant brought a restraining order in Newport District Court. Attorney Lothstein cross-examined client’s accuser, spotlighted multiple contradictions in her story, exposed her motive of revenge for a failed relationship, and persuaded a district court judge to dismiss the restraining order she brought against Client.No restraining order, no lifetime ban on gun ownership, no felony, no criminal charges at all – 100% exonerated. Read More

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New Hampshire Criminal Defense

Annulment of Criminal Records

Does a criminal record follow you forever? Well, in some States it may, but in New Hampshire, we have an annulment law. Lothstein Guerriero, PLLC has helped many current and former clients obtain annulments of past criminal and motor vehicle offenses… Read More

Specific Criminal Offenses (State Court)

Assault Cases

Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have represented many clients charged with different degrees of assault in NH’s District Courts, and Superior Courts, throughout the State. In NH, we don’t use the terminology “assault and battery… Read More

Issuing Bad Checks and Check Forgery

Does your case involve an allegation that you issued a bad check, or committed forgery in relation to the negotiation of a check? In either scenario, a check is involved in the alleged criminal conduct. But these offenses fall under different laws an… Read More

Domestic Violence Allegations

The Offense of “Domestic Violence” Under New Hampshire law, certain crimes are classified under the “Domestic Violence” charging label if committed against a “family or household member or intimate partner.” These… Read More

Driving Offenses (other than DWI)

Many of our clients face charges for driving offenses such as Conduct after an Accident (leaving the scene or otherwise not reporting an accident) Driving after Certification as an Habitual Offender Driving with a suspended license Vehicular assault… Read More

Drug Possession

Many of our clients face charges for possession of illegal drugs, or possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription. These charges can be brought in district or superior court, and can be brought as violations, misdemeanors, or felony… Read More

Drug Cases - Sales, Conspiracies

Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have represented many clients charged with felony and misdemeanor drug crimes in NH’s District Courts, and Superior Courts, throughout the State; and in the United States District Court – NH (federal co… Read More

Sexual Assault Allegations

New Hampshire criminal defense attorneys Richard Guerriero and Ted Lothstein have handled many sexual assault cases — both misdemeanors and felonies — in NH District and Superior Courts, in the United States District Court-NH (child pornography c… Read More

Theft Offenses

In New Hampshire, theft cases fall into two general categories: felony thefts, where the felony status is based on the value of the property stolen, or recidivism; and misdemeanor theft cases. And thefts can be charged in many different ways, based o… Read More

Driving after Certification as an Habitual Offender

When a person drives a vehicle anywhere in NH after being certified as an Habitual Offender, in most instances they will face a prosecution for the Special Felony called Operating after Certification as an Habitual Offender. What is a Habitual Offend… Read More

Federal Cases

Criminal defense attorneys Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero frequently practice in the United States District Court for New Hampshire. They handle complex felony cases, including several of the largest drug distribution cases that have ever been f… Read More

Juvenile Offenses

In New Hampshire, for all but the most serious felonies, when the State prosecutes people who are under 18 years of age, they are prosecuted under a completely separate system of laws — the laws governing “juvenile delinquency” — and… Read More

Alcohol Offenses and Minors

When people under the age of 21 get in trouble with the law in New Hampshire for alcohol-related offenses, these fall into the following categories: Unlawful Possession of Alcohol, contrary to NH RSA 179:10 This can result in a court-ordered license… Read More

Victim / Witness Representation

The New Hampshire attorneys of Lothstein Guerriero, PLLC, on a fairly regular basis, are retained or appointed to represent an alleged victim, or a trial witness, in a criminal case. Why would an alleged victim or a trial witness want, or need, a law… Read More