Tilton, Northfield, Belmont NH Police Announce DWI Checkpoints July 2013

The Tilton, Northfield and Belmont Police Departments have announced they will run DWI ("sobriety") checkpoints between July 19 and July 28, 2013. This is an unusually large block of time, within which the checkpoints will probably only run for a couple of days.

The area where the DWI checkpoints will probably be run - somewhere around exits 19 and 20 of Route 93 - is the gateway to the Lakes Region (boating on Winnepausaukee) and the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Apparently, these police departments plan on taking advantage of all the people who come up north for recreation activities in the Lakes Region and White Mountains. This kind of thinking, exploiting the vacationers, tourists and local residents trying to enjoy a summer weekend, is exactly why our unofficial State motto is "New Hampshire: Arrive on Vacation, Leave on Probation."

The announcement was published in the Concord Monitor and can be seen here: 2013 Monitor Tilton Checkpoint

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