If I've Been Charged with DWI in New Hampshire Will I Be Convicted?


My name is Ted Lothstein. Since 1994, I have defended literally thousands of people accused of crimes in federal and state courts throughout New Hampshire. In particular, I’ve dedicated my practice to defending people accused of driving while intoxicated in all New Hampshire courts. One of assumptions that I believe people often wrongfully make in these cases is they believe that “because I’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated, I’m probably going to be convicted of DWI”. That’s just not the case.

You see, what happens in New Hampshire is that police officers cast such a wide net in who they stop, who they detain, who they arrest, and who they prosecute for DWI. It’s not because they’re doing something wrong - they have to cast a wide net because police departments can get sued if they make a mistake. But because they cast such a wide net, many people, including many of my clients, are brought before New Hampshire courts with weak cases, or with a flaw in the case - something that I can exploit as a DWI defense lawyer to prevent my client from getting a DWI conviction.

And so, the reality is that when a good DWI lawyer is on board, many, many people who start out with a charge of driving while intoxicated do not end up with a DWI conviction.

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