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State Seeks to Cover Up Flaws in Breath Testing Program

New Hampshire statutes, regulations and caselaw require that breath testing machines capture and preserve a second sample of the accused’s breath. The accused is given the captured sample and has the right, at her own expense, to have the sampl… Read More
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2011 - a Great Year for Law-Tech at Lothstein Law

In 2011, Lothstein Law Office moved to the next level in law office technology. The results have been a dramatic improvement in my ability to manage complex cases, work on cases seamlessly inside and outside the office, and give audio-visual presenta… Read More
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NH Supreme Court - illegal Sentences

New Hampshire Supreme Court. Maximum Jail Sentence, and Maximum Fine, PLUS Probation = Illegal Sentence. The State accused Hancock of urinating on a probation officer, charged as a misdemeanor due to a prosecutorial mistake in drafting the charge. Th… Read More
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