Ted Lothstein: Recognized within the Legal Community as one of NH’s Top DWI Defense Lawyers.

  • Over 20 Years' Experience defending all levels of DWI —
    from 1st Offense to Aggravated DWI to Negligent Homicide to Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Trained Hundreds of Lawyers at Seminars Sponsored by
    MCLE New England
    NH Bar Association2014 NH Bar DWI CLE Agenda
    NH Public Defender
    NH Association Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Member, National College of DUI Defense
  • Certified Breath Alcohol Test Technician – course meeting U.S. Department of Transportation standards
    – Days of technical and hands-on training with the Intoxilyzer 5000 breathalyzer.
  • Certified – US Dept. of Transportation Practitioner’s Course — Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

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The NH Bar Association, of which every NH attorney is a member, selected Ted Lothstein to be the Chairperson, and lecturer on breath and blood testing litigation, for the NH Bar Association’s last three major NH DWI seminars:

Lawyer Theodore Lothstein | Top Attorney DUI

Put his experience and expertise to work for you!

NH DWI Lawyer Ted Lothstein, the only Concord member of the National College of DUI Defense, has spent over a decade defending DWIs … and training other lawyers to do a better job defending DWIs. Ted Lothstein has litigated DWI cases in most of NH’s district courts, has tried NH DWIs and alcohol-related felony jury trials in NH’s Superior Court, and has litigated a number of DWI appeals in the NH Supreme Court, including a landmark victory in April, 2009 that was widely publicized.

Why is DWI different?

DWI cases involve three unique challenges that, depending on the individual circumstances of your case, may make it foolhardy to retain an inexperienced lawyer or “general practitioner” who only dabbles in DWI defense:

  • Complex scientific and medical issues;
  • Far more “loopholes” or technical defenses based on statutes, administrative and constitutional law, than many more serious charges;
  • Harsh and never-ending penalties;
  • In NH, even for a driver with no prior record, a NH DWI prosecution can involve mandatory jail time and the requirement of an “ignition interlock” device, if there are aggravating factors such as high BAC, passengers under age 16 in the car, very high speeds, or an automobile accident that resulted in serious bodily injury;
  • All NH DWIs involve lengthy mandatory license revocations, residential alcohol and drug abuse programs, steep fines, and endlessly confusing consequences for out-of state license holders.

Lifelong Learning

Ted Lothstein, after over two decades of criminal practice, continues to invest a great deal of time and money into his own continuing education. For example, in March, 2015, Ted Lothstein attended and participated in the three-day seminar held in New Orleans entitled "Mastering Scientific Evidence." This seminar, presented by the National College of DUI Defense and the Texas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, is the preeminent seminar in the country for learning how to defend against the hardcore science used in DWI cases such as blood testing on the gas chromatograph mass spectrometer — as well as some of the junk science employed in the field by police officers, such as the so-called "Drug Recognition Expert" protocols.

Ted Lothstein has lectured before hundreds of NH attorneys on the art and science of DWI defense at the following Continuing Legal Education seminars.

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