Launch of our Firm's New Website

This month marked the debut of our law firm's new home on the internet:

We built this website to replace our previous site, This URL dates back to when Ted Lothstein was a solo lawyer, with one office in Concord, and one staff person.

It didn't feel right to use that URL anymore, when we are a partnership - two lawyers, two full-time paralegals, and two offices.

Equally importantly, the old website was drab and not particularly functional in certain respects. For the most part, we constructed it ourselves -and it showed. We wanted to build new capabilities, like the "DWI Resource Center" that can be found on our new website. We hired The Modern Firm ( to build our site, and we could not be more impressed with their skill and professionalism.

Why ?

We called our website "" because that's what we do, for the most part - we defend people.

Richard Guerriero defends people charged with crimes in State and Federal Court throughout the State, and in appeals courts all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. Richard also defends professionals or tradesmen who are being investigated by a licensing body, and has represented managerial employees in institutions that are being investigated by some kind of State or Federal regulatory body. Richard Guerriero is almost certainly the only criminal defense lawyer in NH to be named a Champion of Justice by the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in two different States (New Hampshire in 2005; Louisiana in 1992).

Ted Lothstein defends people charged with crimes throughout the State and in Federal Court, with a particular focus on cases involving alcohol or drugs, from simple DWI cases all the way up to manslaughter or negligent homicide (motor vehicle fatality) cases. Ted Lothstein also focuses on appellate litigation, having litigated and argued over 80 appeals in the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and in the First Circuit Court of Appeals (federal appeals court in Boston).

Please Help Us Make the Site Better

We are hoping that our friends, colleagues and clients, past and present, will check out our new website and offer suggestions for how to improve it. Consider it to be in a "beta" phase. Please tell us what works, what could be improved, and especially, if you discover any information that you believe to be wrong on our website, please tell us, so we can fix it!

If you want to share your thoughts, you are welcome to fill out one of the red forms entitled "For More Information" that are on the right-hand side of most pages. Your submission will be emailed to both Ted and Richard. However, if you don't mind, please do not share information by chatting with the little window that pops up, because this is a paid service! For those who are wondering about it, it is a special service that works with law firms, that is available 24/7, and that trains its staff to strictly honor the attorney-client privilege, and strictly refrain from giving out anything that could be construed as legal advice, when gathering information about a potential client or potential case. We have found this service to be exceedingly helpful, especially with respect to potential clients who want to have a potential consultation but may not be able to call us during working hours because of their work schedule, etc.