Another victory for Kaylee!

Attorney Kaylee Doty's Winning Streak

Kaylee Doty has had quite a run in stalking and restraining order hearings. Five such cases in 2021, only one resulted in a final Order, and for very specific reasons, client agreed not to contest that one.

What is a DVPO or "Stalking" Case?

These hearings are sort of "quasi-criminal". How could it be "quasi-criminal" when its a civil case brought by a private party, not a criminal case brought by the government? The answer is simple: If we lose, and a Domestic Violence Protective (Restraining) Order or "Stalking Order" is issued against our client for one year, the client will have new restrictions on his or her liberty, the Order DOES go on client's NCIC criminal record (national FBI database accessible by all law enforcement agencies nationwide), and in most cases, an absolute ban on 2d Amendment rights. And in many cases, the Court later extends the Order for an additional year or even longer.

Kaylee's Latest Win

On August 10, 2021, Judge Ryan of the 8th Circuit - District Division - Keene Court dismissed a stalking petition filed against our client after a contested hearing. According to the judge's Ruling, Attorney Doty established that our client's communications would not place a reasonable person in fear of their safety, and there was insufficient evidence to establish stalking.

Our client was a high ranking public servant facing restrictions that would hinder his ability to effectively do his job. Both our client and the alleged victim lived in the same town, making it difficult for our client to do even the smallest tasks without looking over his shoulder and fearing violation of the protective order. This dismissal was a great outcome and a huge relief to our client!"

Note on Client Privacy

Our clients have the absolute right to privacy and confidentiality in the cases that we handle. Even if their victory is a matter of public record, we will not publish details on our website or anywhere else unless client gives informed consent in writing. And finally, we will never offer a client anything of value for agreeing to publicize the client's victory.