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Administrative Suspension Defeated, Contempt of Bail Not Filed

Client faced a charge of DWI in the 6th Circuit - District Division - Hooksett Court. While awaiting trial, he was arrested and charged for Breach of Bail Conditions / Contempt of Court, a class A misdemeanor that carries up to a year in jail, for violating a bail condition. We won the contested ALS hearing, reducing his license suspension by 6 months. He then pled guilty to DWI, received the mandatory minimum penalties under law, and in exchange, the State filed a letter with the Court agreeing not to prosecute the Breach of Bail Conditionscharge. Read More

No DWI, No Criminal Record, and Lowered License Suspension

The State Police charge Client in the 6th Circuit District Division Hooksett Court with Underage DWI, and also bring an ALS for refusing a breath test. After a full hearing, the State wins the ALS hearing, so Client has a 6-month suspension. A DWI conviction would bring about a consecutive one-year suspension for a total suspension of 18 months. On the morning of trial, however, Attorney Lothstein secures a plea to Reckless Driving and Unlawful Possession of Alcohol by a Minor. Result? Client has no DWI, no criminal record, and his license suspension is reduced by 6 months. Read More

No DWI, License Suspension Reduced from 5 Years to 60 Days

In Hooksett District Court, Client charged with DWI, 2d Offense. Attorney Lothstein first wins Client’s ALS hearing on the merits, saving him from a 2-year consecutive license suspension. Then, on the eve of trial, Attorney Lothstein, a DUI lawyer in NH, secures plea to Reckless Driving, saving Client from mandatory jail time, a mandatory 7-day alcohol abuse program, mandatory ignition interlock for one year, and a mandatory 3-year license suspension. Before Client hired Attorney Lothstein, he faced a 5 year license suspension. Thanks to this amazing series of victories, he received a total license suspension of 60 days! Read More