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Our Client's Marijuana Possession Case Dismissed — Co-Defendant with a Different Lawyer is Convicted!

Two friends, caught in a car smoking marijuana by police officers, face same charge: marijuana possession. Co-defendant, represented by another lawyer, files no motions, pleads guilty, and now has a criminal conviction on his record. Our Client, represented by Ted Lothstein, files a motion to suppress claiming the police violated his constitutional rights by searching the car without a warrant. After a hearing in Manchester District Court, and after Attorney Lothstein cross-examines the arresting officer, Judge Champagne grants the motion to suppress – case dismissed! Read More

Client Offered Community Service Instead of Conviction, Jail and Driver's License Revocation

Manchester District Court. Client faced a class A misdemeanor charge of Driving after License Suspended for DWI Conviction. Client’s license had been revoked just two months prior for a DWI conviction, causing him to face this charge that carries a mandatory jail sentence and a mandatory one year license revocation upon conviction. Attorney Lothstein persuaded the prosecutor to give Client a “deferred prosecution” – an opportunity to do community service and thereby avoid conviction, jail and license revocation. Read More

Major Motor Vehicle Charge Reduced to Minor Infraction

Manchester District Court. Teenage client faced charge of Reckless Operation, a major motor vehicle offense that carries a mandatory 60 day loss of license. On eve of trial, Attorney Lothstein secures plea to a lane violation, a minor motor vehicle infraction (like a speeding ticket), with a 10 day loss of license. Read More

Client Follows Lothstein's Advice, Gets Reduced DWI Charge

In Manchester District Court, Client faced a DWI-2d charge. Conviction would have meant up to mandatory jail time. On the day of trial, after hours of waiting, and after Client followed Attorney Lothstein’s advice during those hours to refuse repeated offers to plead guilty to DWI-Second Offense, the prosecution finally agreed to drop that charge and allow Client to plead guilty to a DWI-1st offense, a lesser charge that carries no jail time. Read More