Firm partners complete three-week jury trial

Firm partners Richard Guerriero and Ted Lothstein spent the last four weeks in the Hillsborough Superior Court-North in Manchester, trying a first degree murder case that took four days of jury selection, 14 days of evidence and argument, and two days of jury deliberations.

The trial began with opening statements on February 28, 2023. You can see news coverage and video of the opening statements here on The case also was covered in the Union Leader: 2023-02-27-Pereira UL coverage

Almost three weeks later, the prosecution and defense made their closing arguments on March 17, 2023, which also resulted in coverage and video on TV and here on

Unfortunately, the case ended in guilty verdicts on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. We don't agree with the verdict, but we appreciate the jury's service and diligent attention. They, like the lawyers in the case, gave up a full month of their lives for this very important and very factually-complicated case.

After a sentencing hearing scheduled in April, we will appeal the guilty verdicts and sentence to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Richard and I appreciate the patience of our clients and people who called the office looking for legal representation during the trial, as well as the patience and support shown by opposing counsel in other cases, and our own families during this month-long trial that occupied almost all of our attention. - Ted