5/19/21 Not Guilty of Aggravated DWI in Keene District Court

On May 19, 2021, we took L.T.'s case to trial in the 8th Circuit-District Division-Keene Court. The State charged L.T. with Aggravated DWI, a class A misdemeanor carrying a mandatory minimum 2 year license suspension and mandatory minimum 5 days in jail (up to a year in jail), where the aggravating factor was a child under 16 years old in the car. After a full trial, Judge Gleason found L.T. NOT GUILTY of Aggravated DWI. Judge Gleason found him guilty only of failure to maintain lane control, a minor traffic violation that carried a $124 fine. Thus, our representation saved L.T.'s Massachusetts driver's license from a 2 year suspension AND saved him from mandatory jail time. Instead, he left the courtroom the same way his case started: No criminal record. This was a great outcome for L.T. and his family!