Nashua -9th Circuit District Division

Is your case in the 9th Circuit-District Division-Nashua Court in Nashua, NH, commonly known as the Nashua District Court?

This Court handles misdemeanor and violation cases brought by the following police departments: the Nashua Police Department, Hudson Police Department, Hollis Police Department, and the State Police. The Court is located in the same building as the Hillsborough County Superior Court-South, on 30 Spring Street in Nashua.

Parking is difficult here. The court's parking lot fills up quickly. Get to court by 8:15 a.m. (for morning hearings), or bring lots of quarters for the meters and plan on parking on the street somewhere in the area around the Court.

All local violations and misdemeanors go through this Court, including:

Potential Penalties

When charged as a class A misdemeanor, conviction for misdemeanor offenses can carry up to one year in jail, two years probation, and a $2,000.00 fine. If a Judge in this Court sentences the accused to serve jail time, its served at the notorious Valley Street Jail in Manchester. Why do we say "notorious?" Ask Google. Class B misdemeanors carry up to a $1200.00 fine, but note that all misdemeanors, including class B, carry other potential consequences such as "no contact" orders, loss of driver's license, participating in counseling or treatment programs, community service, and potential ramifications for present and future employment opportunities, professional licensing, etc.

Prosecution in Nashua District Court

The Nashua Police prosecute the vast majority of cases brought in this Court. Nashua prosecutors maintain an office in the building and are very approachable and professional. A separate prosecuting attorney works for the State Police and prosecutes some of their cases, including DWI cases, in the Nashua District Court. State Police tend to make arrests on the highway that passes through Nashua, Route 293 / Everett Turnpike.

Our firm in Nashua District Court

Our firm has extensive experience handling cases in Nashua District Court, including DUI/DWI cases, motor vehicle offenses, drug cases, and other misdemeanor prosecutions. When you face a criminal charge in district court it is important to obtain a criminal defense lawyer or DWI defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our firm is ready to assist you and we will respond promptly to inquiries through this site or by calls to our office.

Nashua District Court Case Victories

Client faced a charge of DWI in Nashua District Court. He hired Ted Lothstein, prepared for trial, and on the eve of trial, was offered a plea to Negligent Operation, a non-criminal violation. No DWI, no criminal record, no SR-22, no probationary driver status … a great outcome! Read More
In Nashua District Court, Client charged by Nashua Police with DWI, 2d offense. Faces potential 5-year license loss. Attorney Lothstein cross-examines arresting officer at Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing and wins – no administrative license suspension. Subsequently, prosecution allows Client to plead guilty to reduced charge, DWI-1st offense, avoiding jail, avoiding mandatory ignition interlock, and cutting overall license loss from 5 years to 18 months. Read More