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New Hampshire Case Victories

With over 50 combined years of experience, New Hampshire criminal defense attorneys Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have fought on behalf of thousands of clients in New Hampshire’s District Courts and Superior Courts, and have handled over 100 appeals in the New Hampshire Supreme Court. See a sampling of our successful cases below. Or read specifically about our criminal defense victories, our victories in DWI / DUI / OUI cases, or our victories on appeal, including cutting edge litigation that has established important New Hampshire legal precedents.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.

Conspiracy to Commit Burglary Reduced to Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass — No Jail Time

Hillsborough Superior Court (North). Client faced charges of conspiracy to commit burglary, and burglary of a residential home, in a case where one of the co-conspirators directed her actions by telephone from his home – the New Hampshire State Prison. Represented by Ted Lothstein, Client secured an agreement where she was allowed to plead guilty only to misdemeanors alleging criminal trespass, and she served no jail time. She avoided the stigma and collateral consequences – including lifetime gun ownership prohibition – of becoming a convicted felon. Read More

Felony Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor — No Jail Time

Coos County Superior Court. Grand Jury charged Client with felony for bringing drugs into the Berlin State Prison visiting room. Prosecution, after negotiations, agreed to let Client plead guilty to misdemeanor with no jail time. Read More

Client Released from Detention During Methamphetamine Charge Investigation

United States District Court of NH. Attorney Lothstein wins release of Client, detained over six months in multi-defendant cross-border prosecution of Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents alleged to conspire to manufacture methamphetamine over a 3 year period. Read More

Felony Charges Reduced: Client Serves Only 3 Weekends in Jail

Merrimack County Superior Court. Client charged with two felonies: burglary of a commercial building and, while on bail for that charge, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Burglary dismissed to allow Client to enter the Merrimack County Adult Diversion Program, felony drug charge reduced to misdemeanor, Client serves 3 weekends in jail. Read More

Drug Possession Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor: No Jail Time, No Probation

Concord District Court. Client, a college student, charged with felony possession of controlled drug. Prosecution reduces charge to misdemeanor, no jail time, no probation. Read More

Leaving the Scene of an Accident Charge Placed on File

Laconia District Court. Charge of leaving the scene of an accident placed on file without a finding. Read More

Felony Marijuana Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor — No Jail Time, No Probation

Hillsborough North Superior Court. Prosecution drops felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charge against Client, allows her to plead to misdemeanor. Client serves no jail time, no probation. Read More

Client Offered Community Service Instead of Conviction, Jail and Driver's License Revocation

Manchester District Court. Client faced a class A misdemeanor charge of Driving after License Suspended for DWI Conviction. Client’s license had been revoked just two months prior for a DWI conviction, causing him to face this charge that carries a mandatory jail sentence and a mandatory one year license revocation upon conviction. Attorney Lothstein persuaded the prosecutor to give Client a “deferred prosecution” – an opportunity to do community service and thereby avoid conviction, jail and license revocation. Read More

Sexual Assault Charge Reduced to Avoid Mandatory Sex Offender Registration

Littleton District Court. Client faced a charge of class A misdemeanor Sexual Assault. If convicted, he would have to register as a sex offender for 10 years and face other criminal penalties. Attorney Lothstein secured a plea to an alternative charge, Simple Assault, helping Client avoid mandatory sex offender registration. Read More

Major Motor Vehicle Charge Reduced to Minor Infraction

Manchester District Court. Teenage client faced charge of Reckless Operation, a major motor vehicle offense that carries a mandatory 60 day loss of license. On eve of trial, Attorney Lothstein secures plea to a lane violation, a minor motor vehicle infraction (like a speeding ticket), with a 10 day loss of license. Read More

These victories do not predict the outcome of your case. Like most lawyers who are not afraid to try a case, Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have both seen plenty of juries vote to convict. From both victories and defeats, Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero have gained the experience and wisdom to guide a client through the process of exposing the weaknesses and strengths both of the prosecution’s case and of the available defenses, with the ultimate goal of achieving the best possible outcome - which may be a trial, or a negotiated settlement, a choice only the client can make.

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